Savings with CFS and Insurance

•  Choose high-quality and affordable cold-formed steel.
•  Take advantage of lower insurance rates on noncombustible cold-formed steel.

The US Assure Builders Risk Plan, insured by Zurich, automatically offers low noncombustible rates on cold-formed steel framing.  No haggling. No hassle.Your independent agent and broker can assist you by calling (800) 800–3907 or requesting a quote at

To download a free brochure with more information about the US Assure/Zurich program brought to you by the SFIA, click this link

If you would like printed copies to give to all of your clients, including owners, GCs, and anyone who is buying Builders Risk Insurance please complete this form and we will send them without cost to you.

General liability and umbrella coverages through the Great American Insurance Group can also be a great way to lower your overhead costs.  Just call or ask your agent to call Constructive Risk, a firm specializing in preparing quotes on cold-formed steel projects, at (559) 916-2649.

Margins are tight in today’s construction market, and these programs are a great way to take full advantage of the savings from noncombustible cold-formed steel.

Non-combustible structures, like those built with cold-formed steel framing, have a better loss history than combustible wood framing.  This often translates into lower costs and broader coverages for many types of construction insurance. 
Read more in this white paper.
This could be the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.