SFIA releases Industry-wide Environmental Products Declaration (EPD) for Cold-Formed Steel Framing

The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) has released the latest tool for contractors, building owners, architects, and others who strive to deliver advanced building designs that meet the latest LEED ™ and other sustainable programs and standards.   The SFIA Industry-Wide EPD, or Environmental Product Declaration, for Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Framing is available for download here:

Download Environmental Product Declaration

According to Larry Williams, Executive Director of SFIA, “the Cold-formed Steel Framing EPD is another tool for the industry to use not only for meeting green standards, but as another example of the sustainability of steel.  It builds on other well-known sustainability attributes such as recycled content, infinite recyclability, and durability of cold-formed steel framing members.”

A prior Industry-wide EPD for CFS framing issued by the Steel Recycling Center had previously expired in January of this year.  SFIA took up the charge to develop a replacement EPD.  Like the prior EPD, companies who can claim they are represented by the EPD are limited to those on the listing.  The latest EPD is an opt-in project of the SFIA membership whereby only the members who participated in the study are listed on the EPD.

With the release of this EPD, CFS products produced by the listed companies will now be covered with an EPD for 5 years through May 27, 2026.  The EPD can be seamlessly integrated into project specifications as an option with company-specific EPDs.  SFIA offers a free specification review for this task that architects can request by contacting Robert Grupe at [email protected].

For additional information on the EPD’s development or to inquire about the process of adding your company to the listing, contact Larry Williams at [email protected].  Nonmembers manufacturers or contractor-manufacturers would need to file a membership application before becoming eligible to be added to the EPD.