A company regularly engaged in the manufacture of cold-formed steel framing connectors or accessories including fastener.

There are 12 classes of SFIA membership, each with specific requirements that must be met. Article IV.1 of the SFIA Bylaws contains the following requirements for eligibility.

MandatoryConnector Code Compliance Certification Program
Manufacturers that participate in the SFIA program, titled Manufacturing Compliance Certification Program, agree to comply with the program requirements that govern the materials used to produce the connectors, protection against corrosion, manufacturing tolerances, and marking requirements.  A third-party administrator audits each manufacturing facility annually to ensure these standards are met.

Annual costs 2024  
SFIA Annual Membership Dues $5,500 per facility (prorated quarterly)
Connector Compliance Certification Program $5,485 per facility (estimated and Administered by Intertek)


 Connector & Accessory Manufacturer Application

For Membership or Certification questions please reach out to Holly Mellinger