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Cold-formed steel (CFS) – the structural solution for mid-rise buildings

Did you know that cold-formed steel can be used as the primary structural system for buildings as tall as 9 stories?   Further, CFS is a more economical choice for this market traditionally dominated by heavier construction materials.  Now you have a choice to use CFS, a material that:

Is sustainable
As a recognized green building material, cold-formed steel (CFS) framing projects can earn credits for green building ratings and other government incentives. Steel is the only building material that is infinitely recyclable. Steel is also protected from corrosion by a galvanized zinc coating – it will last well beyond the useful life of a building and then be available to be recycled into other useful products versus going to a landfill.

Has consistent quality
Steel does not contain knots, twists or warps that are commonly found in lumber. It is always dimensionally correct and manufactured to very strict tolerances.

Is resistant to termites and other pests
CFS members are impervious to termites and other wood-destroying insects.

Is resistant to mold and mildew
Steel does not provide a breeding ground for mold as does organic materials,

Helps deliver a high-performance building
Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material and behaves in a highly predicable manner when subjected to the structural loads and stresses imposed by high wind or seismic forces. Steel studs cannot absorb moisture and this eliminates the expansion and contraction of construction materials and the related cracks, pops, and other deformities in finishes.

Is non-combustible
Steel does not burn and will not contribute to the spread or intensity of a fire. CFS projects can be easily designed to meet code fire rating requirements. 

Offers lower insurance costs
Save on builders risk, general liability workers comp, and similar policies compared to combustible and heavy non-combustible construction materials.

The reasons above are in themselves convincing enough to use CFS for your next mid-rise hotel, mixed use building, apartment, condominium, office, seniors complex, university housing project, or similar buildings.  However, it gets better with the consideration of three other important benefits of CFS:  

  • Fast construction – Shorter construction cycle time due to use of advanced panelized construction techniques get you into your building up to 3 moths quicker than heavier construction.  Get customers in the door faster.
  • Predictable construction – Minimal weather delays compared to concrete.  Panelized construction can free you from the worries of the outdoors.  Open your doors on time as planned. Don’t have staff sitting around waiting for construction to be complete.
  • Economical – CFS can save you as much as $10/sf or more in direct construction costs compared to heavy construction on mid-rise projects. 

Want more information on the major attributes of CFS framing, as well as helpful resources?  Click on the individual items at the top of this page or simply go to our homepage at www.steelframing.org.




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