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Did you know that cold-formed steel can be used as the primary structural system for buildings as high as 9 stories? Further, CFS is a more economical choice for this market traditionally dominated by heavier construction materials.  Now you have a choice to use CFS ... Click for more.

ENERGY Cycle Time Height Advantages Insurance
Seismic Sustainability Termites Fire Resistance
Updated Design Guide

Thermal Design GuideThermal Design Guide and Code Compliance for Cold-Formed Steel Walls

2015 Edition

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Durability of Galvanized Steel Framing in Residential Buiding

Summary of a ten year report produced by NAHB Research Center, a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in the US and sponsored by International Zinc Association. This study measured actual zinc and zinc-alloy coating corrosion rates of steel framing samples in four different home environments in the US and Canada over a ten year period. Click for more.


A Guide To Fire And Acoustic Data For Steel Floor, Wall & Roof
Compiled by the Steel Framing Alliance and Canadian Steel Construction Council, this searchable directory provides the user with the ability to search the current, complete range of fire and sound-rated cold-formed steel assemblies as listed by the major recognized testing agencies. The assemblies contained in the database are limited to those that are relevant to residential and light commercial construction.