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Recent Developments

London Fire Study Highlights Wood Framing Risks: Prompted by a series of serious fires in London’s tall and timber-framed residential buildings, the London Assembly in 2010 called for an inquiry to examine the fire safety of such buildings.

At the end of the year, the investigating commission released its findings. Among those findings was the determination that wood framing—often touted as a sustainable option—carries a high fire risk throughout most of the construction process.

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Greater London Authority
LONDONASSEMBLY Planning and Housing Committee




  • Steel is a non-combustible, fire resistant material and will not feed a fire.
  • On average, wood structural members or framing rank third as the first-ignited material in home fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Building with steel can reduce cost of construction insurance as well as homeowners insurance premiums.

A Guide to Fire and Acoustic Data for Cold-Formed Steel Floor, Wall and Roof Assemblies

Compiled by the Steel Framing Alliance and Canadian Steel Construction Council, this searchable directory provides the user with the ability to search the current, complete range of fire and sound-rated cold-formed steel assemblies as listed by the major recognized testing agencies.

The assemblies contained in the database are limited to those that are relevant to residential and light commercial construction.


  • Fighting Fire with Steel: Fire Resistance 101
    download PDF
  • A Guide to Fire and Acoustic Data for Cold-Formed Steel Floor, Wall and Roof Assemblies: Download PDF
  • Searchable Directory of Fire Rated Assemblies