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The scale of Poly Canyon Village is 820,000 square feet with 11,000 load-bearing wall panels. Originally planned for a twenty month schedule, the project was successfully completed in fourteen months, shaving off six months from the original schedule.

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"A shorter construction time will reduce the hard costs of the project by reducing the general contractor's project overhead or general conditions, typically in the range of 8-12% of the total project costs or savings in the hundreds of thousands." General contractor on a recent CFS mid-rise project.

  • Buildings framed with cold-formed steel (CFS) can go up much faster than traditional heavy materials like concrete and masonry.  Up to 3 months or more can be shaved off the schedule of a mid-rise project.
  • CFS allows you to move paying customers in the door fast which can significantly change your financial model by shaving financing and other soft costs related to cycle time and by accelerating your revenue stream compared to heavy construction.
  • Panelized construction used in the CFS industry for both commercial and residential construction can minimize rain, snow, excessive heat, and other weather delays.
  • Panelized CFS construction can offer a much more predictable schedule than Cycle Time Picture 1its competitors in the mid-rise market.

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