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The following organizations regularly work with the Steel Framing Alliance on its research and development initiatives.

  • American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)

    As an ANSI accredited standards developer; AISI serves as Secretariat for two consensus standards writing committees. The Committee on Specifications is responsible for the development and maintenance of the North American Specification for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, the widely used Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual and a variety of test methods and design guides. The Committee on Framing Standards is responsible for the development of a suite of Standards for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. AISI sponsors an ongoing technical research agenda to support its standards development activities. Please go to AISI to learn more.

  • Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI)

    One of the mandates of the CSSBI is to sponsor research on topics related to cold-formed steel design and applications. Research projects are funded at various universities across Canada. The Institute also supports the Canadian Cold Formed Research Group at the University of Waterloo. Please go to CSSBI for more information.

  • Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures (CCFSS)

    The primary objective of the Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures is to encourage and promote the use of cold-formed steel construction through technical services, engineering education, research, and professional activity. The Center provides a unique, comprehensive information resource for manufacturers, designers, educators, researchers, students and users. Please go to CCFSS to learn more.

While the Steel Framing Alliance is an international institution with a global reach, the work to implement national standards happens locally. The local alliances listed below are affiliates of the Steel Framing Alliance and work at the grass roots to encourage the widespread, practical and economic use of light gauge steel framing.

Local alliances represent a growing infrastructure of contractors, builders, manufacturers, roll-formers, design professionals, producers, subcontractors, code officials and others. Members take national standards and best practices, and then adapt them for use in their marketplace. Additionally, they alert the national Alliance of the issues they have in the field and aid in the development of solutions.

To learn more about starting an Alliance in your backyard, and start an e-mail thread that can easily and quickly alert others of your interest and intentions, email us at: info@steelframing.org



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