December 1, 2010
Steel At Work An Opportunity to Promote Your CFS Construction Project

With changes in the economy, developers and builders are implementing strategies to maximize their return on investment and this has resulted in evaluating construction techniques and technologies being used. There is an increased interest in using materials that are cost effective, green/recyclable and provide a shorter construction cycle time. Given the market demands, there is immense interest in the use of CFS in primary load-bearing applications. Today, load-bearing applications for CFS are being used across the country for new projects in the hospitality, retail, assisted living, multifamily and mid-rise markets.

In continuing our effort to promote the use of CFS, we have developed a series of case studies on key advantages of cost savings, shorter cycle time, insurance savings, and other benefits of CFS framing in hotels, apartments, and other mid-rise buildings. These success stories have been positively received by key publications in national industry publications targeting building owners, developers and financial officers.

Cold-Formed Steel Improvements Ideal for Framing Solutions One such example is the case study we developed for Park 4200, a 6-story apartment project built over a 3-story parking garage in Dallas. Built by Galaxy Builders, Ltd. of San Antonio, Park 4200, found CFS to be a cost effective solution. Compared to the cost of an all concrete structure, there were significant cost savings for this project when CFS was used.  The case study was featured by several key multifamily housing industry publications.

Another such example out of many is Embassy Suites, a seven story hotel built by Brackett Builders of Troy, Ohio. The project was finished in a significantly shorter timeframe as CFS was used. This case study has also been well received by key commercial construction publications.

But this is just the beginning of our ongoing effort to promote CFS to key decision-makers in the construction industry. To continue to expand on this effort, we need your help!

Do you have an example of a successful construction project that highlights the many benefits of CFS? Or one in the works? Have you been part of a construction project that has used steel framing and which resulted in insurance savings? Were you able to finish your construction project in record time due to the use of CFS?

We would love to hear from you.

Please contact us with a brief description of your  project, how CFS benefited you, the owner, or builder and any insights on the project. We will work with you on successful projects to develop a case study that will be used to promote the many advantages of CFS in various industry publications. We will also promote it on the SFA web site (

For questions or information on your success story, please email us at

- Editor, Framework Online

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