February 3, 2010
World Crude Steel Output Decreases By 8.0% In 2009

Brussels– World crude steel production reached 1,220 million metric tons for the year of 2009. This is a decrease of 8.0% compared to 2008.

Steel production declined in nearly all the major steel producing countries and regions including the EU, North America, South America and the CIS in 2009. However, Asia, in particular China and India, and the Middle East showed positive growth in 2009.

In December 2009, world crude steel output for the 66 countries reporting the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 106.4 mmt, an increase of 30.2% compared to December 2008. Most major-steel producing countries showed two-digit growth in December 2009. The world crude steel capacity utilisation ratio of the 66 countries in December 2009 was 71.5%, a decrease from 74.7% in November 2009. Compared to 2008, the utilisation ratio in December 2009 increased by 13.4 percentage points.

China’s crude steel production in 2009 reached 567.8 mmt, an increase of 13.5% on 2008. This is a record annual crude steel production figure for a single country. China’s share of world steel production continued to grow in 2009 producing 47% of world total crude steel, an increase of 9 percentage points compared to 2008.

Asia produced 795.4 mmt of crude steel in 2009, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2008. Its share of world steel production increased to 65% in 2009 from 58% in 2008. Japan produced 87.5 mmt in 2008, a decrease of 26.3% on 2008. India’s crude steel production was 56.6 mmt in 2009, 2.8% growth on 2008. South Korea showed a decrease of 9.4%, producing 48.6 mmt in 2009.

The EU-27 where all major steel producing countries including Germany, Italy and France showed substantial decline recorded a decrease of 29.7% compared to 2008, producing 139.1 mmt of crude steel in 2009.

In 2009, crude steel production in North America was 82.3 mmt, a decrease of 33.9% on 2008. The US produced 58.1 mmt of crude steel, 36.4% lower than 2008.

The CIS showed a decrease of 14.7% in 2009. Russia produced 59.9 mmt of crude steel, a -12.5% reduction on 2008 while Ukraine recorded a decrease of 20.2% with year-end figures of 29.8 mmt.

Source: Worldsteel, January 22, 2010

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