August 6, 2008
CFSEI Expanding Cold-Formed Steel Technical Resources Library

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) will expand technical guidance and design resources available for engineers with the publication of various additions to the Technical Notes series during the summer months. The new resources will help engineers design cold-formed steel structures using the latest information and design guidance, and represent a significant addition to the Institute’s library of technical resources.

Publication of Technical Notes on topics including “Design Methodology for Hole Reinforcement of Cold-Formed Steel Bending Members, Slip Track Design, Design of Diagonal Strap Bracing Lateral Force Resisting Systems, ASTM A1003 guidance, and Design Aids and Examples for Distortional Buckling are among the new publications which will become available this summer. CFSEI’s Technical Notes series provides detailed information on cold-formed steel construction subjects.

CFSEI, which serves as the technical institute for the Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), published Technical Notes on “Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” (Tech Note G000-08), “Corrosion Protection of Screw Fasteners” (Tech Note D100-08), and “Changes from the 1997 UBC to the 2006 IBC for Lateral Design with Cold-Formed Steel Framing” (Tech Note L000-08) earlier this year.

“Publishing technical documents is CFSEI’s number one priority,” CFSEI President Jeff Klaiman stated. “All the efforts of the past couple years to increase the technical resources on topics of interest, without sacrificing quality and rigorous review, are being realized.”

An aggressive strategy to further develop the library of resources on cold-formed steel available to engineers, combined with the hard work of volunteers sharing their knowledge for the benefit of the industry, has resulted in more frequent publication of technical resources and a substantial pipeline of upcoming resources addressing major topics and issues.

Every technical document published by the Institute is required to pass a rigorous peer-review process under the auspices of CFSEI’s Technical Review Committee, chaired by Rob Madsen P.E. of Devco Engineering. CFSEI, in addition to developing new technical resources, is in the process of updating more than 20 Technical Notes published since the late 1990s to ensure that CFSEI resources contain the most current information, research data, codes and references.

Authors of Technical Notes are frequent speakers at events hosted by CFSEI regional chapters, where engineers, architects and building officials assemble to learn directly from the published experts and exchange information.

CFSEI members receive the entire library of Technical Notes and resources, and all new publications, as a complimentary benefit of Institute membership. Members also gain complementary access to the full library of resources online for easy, convenient downloading of resources. To learn more, visit




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September 25, 2008
“It’s All Green. Are you?: LEED, the New National Green Building Standard and Green Globes” to be presented by Maribeth Rizzuto, LEED AP and SFA Director of Education and Sustainable Construction
Florida CFSEI chapter meeting
Orlando, Florida
October 1, 2008
Steel Framing Alliance 10th Anniversary Dinner
Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

October 1-3, 2008
METALCON International
Baltimore, Maryland




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