March 5, 2008


CFSEI Publishes New Design Software Technical Note
The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI), technical institute of the Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), today announced it has published the only technical reference on computer software available to engineers that is dedicated to the design of cold-formed steel-framed structures and structural elements. In “Cold-Formed Steel Design Software,” manufacturers of 13 different software applications highlight basic information for designing cold-formed steel-framed buildings, structures and structural elements.

As the latest Technical Note to be published by CFSEI, “Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” also provides an explanation of relevant codes incorporated in software applications that have been developed by Don Allen, P.E., CFSEI Secretary and SFA Director of Engineering. According to Jeff Ellis, President, CFSEI, engineers have been asking for this kind of information in one consolidated place for a long time.

“Many engineers have been seeking a resource on software that is available for cold-formed steel design, and because computer technology has changed significantly since the last time such a resource was published, “Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” fills this information gap,” Mr. Ellis said. “Software manufacturers have made tremendous technological leaps in developing complex design software that is both easy to learn and helpful to users in capturing structural benefits and efficiencies using cold-formed steel.”

“Engineers have a variety of options for cold-formed steel design software, but until now there hasn’t been an up-to-date centralized resource for researching or comparing these options,” Mr. Allen said. “As the leading technical resource for cold-formed steel framing design, CFSEI is pleased to make this software guide available to the engineering community.”

Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” also covers the standards and codes a computer program considers in modeling/analysis, as well as a review of each program’s features, structural components that can be designed with the program and information on demonstration programs and pricing. CFSEI Technical Notes provide technically accurate guidance, information, and examples to designers (primarily structural engineers) on the use of cold-formed steel framing in building structures. Prior to publication, each note undergoes a thorough review for accuracy and compliance with codes, standards, and safe and acceptable industry best practices.

Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” reviews software applications from the following software manufacturers: Applied Science International, ATIR Engineering Software, Devco Software, Inc., RSG Software, Keymark Enterprises, LLC, RISA Technologies, Clark/Western Building Systems, Bentley Systems, Inc., Dsi-digital, StrucSoft Solutions, John F. Butts & Associates, and FrameCAD Solutions.

Provided to CFSEI members as a complimentary membership benefit, “Cold-Formed Steel Design Software” is now available for download in the CFSEI Online Store at CFSEI members can also download the Technical Note free of charge; non-members can purchase the publication for $5.

Source: Steel Framing Alliance, February 28, 2008



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